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from sand, dolomite, and lime. The insulation elements consist of cellular glass with a closed cell structure. Produ Foamglas Block T4+ cellglasisolering Block T4+ cellglasblock för termisk isolering av platta och låglutande tak som t ex terrasser, gårdsbjälklag, gröna tak, invändig isolering av väggar och tak samt vattentätt isolerskikt i markkonstruktioner. 2010-09-01 Consult FOAMGLAS®'s entire Interior insulation systems catalogue on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/40 1.1.2 - Ready Board T4+ Floor Insulation (load bearing) with Waterproofing Membrane beneath Structural Slab FOAMGLAS® External Insulation Systems in contact with the ground: Floor insulation (load-bearing) with waterproofing on lean concrete mix or levelling compound foamglas ® t4+ Page: 2 Date: 28.06.2010 Supersedes: 0/0/0 www.foamglas.com PITTSBURGH CORNING Europe SA, Lasne Business Park-Building B, Chée de Louvain 431, B-1380 Lasne Grade T4+ Suitable for a wide range of building envelope applications - floors, flat roofs, and roofs with a metal standing seam covering - FOAMGLAS® T4+ offers a thermal conductivity of 0.041 W/(m·K) and a UDL compressive strength of 600 kPa. Foamglas T4+ Slab - Application area: Flat roofs Façades Below grade floors & walls Metal & conventional / special roofs Interior insulation (walls, floors, ceilings) FOAMGLAS® product properties Waterproof Foamglas (Floor) Board T4+ 100mm.

Foamglas t4 slab

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Form of delivery (content per package) length x width [mm] thickness [mm] length x width [mm] thickness DESCRIPTION. Our next generation FOAMGLAS® T3+ achieves a lambda-valueof 0,036 W/ (m.K), improving on its predecessor by an impressive 12%. All this without influencing the well-known advantages of FOAMGLAS®; incombustibility, superior compressive strength and long lasting thermal insulation performance. A groundbreaking achievement! FOAMGLAS® FLOOR BOARD T4+ consists of FOAMGLAS® slabs bonded together.

Contact us in case you want expert advice regarding our FOAMGLAS® insulation products and accessories. High compressive strength.Foamglas T4+ will fully support almost any concrete slab—and may even reduce the necessary thickness of a concrete slab in some situations.


continuous Pittsburgh Corning Corporation; Foamglas Super K. b. 13 W: T4, double or triple tube, rated 900 initial lumens (minimum dig out with breathable floor system (Limecrete slab with LECA or Foamglas But then so is a concrete slab that usually houses UFH run by ASHP, Perinsul T4 as internal perimeter insulation between the slab and wall. For the composite hollow cylinder of Figure 8.1(d), with length N, 2nN(T1-T4) Q expanded, "Foamglas" 100 0.022 Rubber board, -100 0.018 expanded, -300 Such insulants are applied to the equipment in the form of slabs or b FOAMGLAS PERINSUL – tepelná izolácia ktorá unesie aj rodinný dom.

Foamglas t4 slab

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Heating Unit.

0,041. 115. 1000. The external walls are created like Table 3.
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450mm d d FOAMGLAS® T4 WDS AND T4 TAPERED TO FALLS Should existing falls be considered insufficient or irregular, they can be corrected by using specially tapered FOAMGLAS® cellular glass slabs. These tapered slabs can FOAMGLAS® slab T4 WDS/T4 Hot bitumen Isolating felt – partially-bonded Sheathing felt Mastic asphalt Pittsburgh Corning (UK) Limited 63 Milford Road, Reading Berkshire RG1 8LG Tel: 0118 950 0655 Fax: 0118 950 9019 email: info@foamglas.co.uk www.foamglas.co.uk BUILDING REGULATIONS, Part L & J All FOAMGLAS® systems meet the requirements FOAMGLAS® FLOOR BOARD T4+ consists of FOAMGLAS® slabs bonded together. Both sides of the insulation board are lined with a glass fibre facing, FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation slabs and boards is load bearing insulation, produced without any addition of binders from recycled glass (predominantly vehicle windscreens), i.e.

As a world-class manufacturer of sustainable, high-performance glass insulating products for the building, energy, and industrial markets, Pittsburgh Corning has been on the forefront of designing products that stand the test of time. With its FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation, Pittsburgh Corning has earned a reputation for creating high-performance, premium quality, environmentally FOAMGLAS® T4+ Pagina: 1 Datum: 01.05.2013 Vervangt: 28/06/10 www.foamglas.com Pittsburgh Corning Europe NV, Lasne Business Park / B, Chaussée de Louvain 431, B-1380 Lasne, info@foamglas.be, www.foamglas.be Pittsburgh Corning Nederland BV, Postbus 72, NL-3430 AB Nieuwegein, info@foamglas.nl, www.foamglas.nl Foamglas is an insulation and vapour barrier in one single material.
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EPS i grund - Lund University Publications - Lunds universitet

Jump to: Digital objects +44 (0)20 7492 1731 www.foamglas.co.uk Contact manufacturer Description FOAMGLAS® Wallboard/slab T4 WDS is easily cut with a rigid saw, trowel or craft knife. The adhesive should be applied in blobs to the Wallboard/slab T4 WDS and NOT spread out. The boards/slabs should be positioned using a slight rotational movement to spread the blobs of … FOAMGLAS® Slab T4+ FOAMGLAS 4.5.1 - Roof For Vehicles, Flat or Tapered Insulation (Hot Adhesive) with Membranes and Concrete Slab . FOAMGLAS FOAMGLAS® TYPES W+F, T4+, T4, T3+, T3, S3, F, HLB, ONE, Pt AND TAPERED® Sida : 1 Utgåva Nr : 5.1 Utgivningsdatum : 16/01/2018 Ersätter : 11/09/2015 AVSNITT 1: Namnet på ämnet/blandningen och bolaget/företaget 1.1. Produktbeteckning Produktens form : Blandning Free to use 1.1.2 - Ready Board T4+ Floor Insulation (load bearing) with Waterproofing Membrane beneath Structural Slab BIM object from FOAMGLAS® Slab T4 Slab S3 Slab F BUILDING REGULATIONS, Part L & J All FOAMGLAS® systems meet the requirements of Building Regulations, with regard to air tightness of the building, the avoidance of cold bridging and sustainable construction. FOAMGLAS® systems will continue to fully perform for the lifetime of the building.

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FOAMGLAS® systems will continue to fully perform for the lifetime of the building. 2020-06-02 Foamglas / Mineral Wool Peter, Regarding sub-slab insulation and compressive strength, there is an order of magnitude difference between foamglas and mineral wool (rigid board insulation).

2. K;. „FOAMGLAS®“ S3 slab  usually graded pebbles or concrete paving slabs, on top of the insulation in 500: Insulation -Type : Foamglas® Ready Block (T4+) Foamglas® Slab (T4+)  ilt\pr 9t\t4.1J. With the roof timbers adopt a logical with Foamglas slabs. Built up felt roofing is cavity in the walls under the roof slab to prevent damage to the  Foamglass upstand to suit. 51 Slab to S.E. details. Foam glass block W-T4.